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Jun 18, 2021
In Messages and Memories
To meet someone like Mal, is nothing short of a gift. When I think of her now she glows gold. Her smile could end all sadness, break all chains, and encompass all good. I don't know what I did to deserve having her walk into my life. I miss her so greatly I can barely stand it sometimes. But I think souls like Mal are too good for this place, this world we live in. To have her for as long as we did is a miracle itself. I wish we could have said goodbye, but how crazy and lucky I am that I even got to say hello. How lucky I am to have held a place in a heart that wonderful. An honour. Mal is a special kind of guide for me, and so many others. I swore to her memory that i would make her proud, and live for her. I miss you so badly Malini. I hope to see you again. Love you like crazy - EmmaFace


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